Digital Photography For The Dummy

Digital Photography For The DummyDigital photography has witnessed some tremendous innovation and improvement as there are many different types, shapes and even designs of digital cameras, but there are however some group of people who are actually dummies as far as digital camera manipulation is concerned.

One important point to note when you come across a digital camera is to, first of all, read the manual very keenly and slowly too. This will enable you to become familiarized with the various functions that the camera has as well as the various effects that the camera can perform. In most manuals, you are going to find detail illustrations on how to actually use the camera properly. The following are going to aid you in understanding some of the ABC of digital camera and why not digital photography as a whole;

Tone up: The first thing you need to know as far as digital photography is concerned is to always remember to adjust your white balance to suit the environment. This is done for the simple reason that if your white balance is properly adjusted, it warms up the tones, thereby increasing the hues of either red or yellow.

Thus, after you must have bought a digital camera, most of the functions are set on automatic functions, but you can still change the settings according to the environment that you are shooting. For instance, while doing some outdoor shooting, you definitely need to change the settings from auto to probably cloudy. Thereby allowing the camera to actually compensate for the cloudy environment and giving photos that are brighter and richer in color.

Mad about macro: This too is another important feature that is found in most digital cameras. With this function, you actually focus on the subject and get to keenly picture right to the finer details. This is very good especially when you are taking close-up shots. Macro mode is symbolized by the flower that is usually found on the main buttons of the camera.

Furthermore, one thing to note while using this particular mode is that usually, the focused subject might seem to be sharp, while the rest in soft detail. To have all the other elements of the photograph illuminated, and then you need to avoid this function.

Flash it: One of the most important innovations of the digital camera is the fact that you can actually adjust the intensity of light to suit your subject. Even though you can find flash mode in almost every digital camera, they, however, do not have the slightest flash when it comes in shooting in areas that the light is not that bright, but still unbearable! However, the slight flash will help you in putting colors on the image.

Updated: January 5, 2018 — 10:00 pm
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