Getting Great Photo Prints From Your Digital Camera

Getting Great Photo Prints From Your Digital CameraIf you need to have great digital photo prints, then what you need is just a good quality digital camera. Recently, digital photos are gradually gaining grounds over the traditional film photos due to the features and convenience that are associated with the new technological age.

In most instances, they are actually cost-effective to print your photos right at the comfort of your home, instead of taking them to someone else who is going to develop it for you. Here are some really great tips to help you in making digital photos at home;

To have a great photo, there are some really great sections to having a wonderful printed photo: firstly, you need to concentrate on the image, printer, ink, and paper with every part interrelated to see that your work becomes a success.

To get a good photo, the image is actually the starting pointing. In the shops, there are different types of camera models that are available out there. But what you probably need is just something not lesser than 3.5-megapixel picture ability. There are some digital cameras with 8 megapixels or even more. Always set your camera resolution to its highest point before taking the shots in cases whereby you might want to enlarge the photos later on.

With digital photography, image transfer is very essential. High pixel images are not just meant to be thrown on a paper instead you need better results.

In most instances, too much pixel count might create some rough color transitions in your photo and cause you to waste ink and time. However, too few of it and the photo might turn out to be very grainy. Thus, it is best if your pixel stays within 200-300 pixels per inch range. Below is a chart that is going to help you determine the appropriate photo sizes.

Print Size: Good Results (223 ppi): Excellent Results (330 ppi)

4×7 inch … 900 by 1400 px (~1 mpx) 1500 by 2000 px (~2 mpx)
5×8 inch … 1200 by 1600 px (~1.5 mpx)1700 by 2400 px (~3 mpx)
8×11 inch .. 1700 by 4000 PX (~3 mpx) 2500 by 3500 PX (~7 mpx)
11×15 inch. 2300 by 3000 PX (~6 mpx) 3500 by 4500 PX (~14 mpx)
16×22 inch. 3500 by 6000 PX (~13 mpx) 5000 by 6500 PX (~29 mpx)


PX= pixels

MPX= Megapixels

PPI= Pixel per inch

For instance, if you taking a picture with about 1.7 megapixel digital camera, then a 5X9 inch print might be the largest size print that you can have. Having prints larger than 5X9 may not be that good. Also, if you want to take shots with 14 megapixel camera, then you should try and print something probably 11X15 inch print with an excellent result.

In addition to having a good digital camera image, there are other components that help in producing good quality digital photos that you are going to love. Other equipment like printer, ink cartridges and to an extent the photo paper that you use might help in seeing you succeed.

Updated: January 6, 2018 — 9:00 pm
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