Photographing Fish – 5 Tips For Frustrated Beginners

Photographing moving subject can be very difficult in most instances especially when the subject is a pet. You can actually experiment it by adding water, glass reflections and a dim light of an aquarium environment, and you can just see how tedious it is to shoot photos.

Photographing Fish - 5 Tips For Frustrated BeginnersBut all these difficulties can be avoided if you actually follow these basic tips right to the latter;

1Get a tripod: Tripods are often used in situations where the subject is static that is non-moving subject. However, when photographing a moving subject like a fish then a tripod can be very useful. It should be noted here that low light levels usually lead to slow shutter speeds. In this light, anything that is capable of stabilizing a camera is of incredible help.

To go about photographing a fish with your camera screwed to the tripod is simply to loosely tight the levers on the tripod so that the camera can easily move freely from left to right, up and down with the camera still maintaining its original position.

2 Get your fish acquainted with the camera: Having followed the first tip, it is good for you to mount the tripod just in front of the aquarium. Then just allow it to stay there focus for several days so that they can capture every image. The purpose of doing this act is to make the fish accustomed to seeing both the camera and the tripod. Also, the fish should get used to the noises. After the fish is now comfortable with seeing the camera, they will be less tense to move freely around the tank.

3 Use a digital camera: Digital cameras are highly designed for this particular function. This is good in that there is absolutely no worry of whether you are going to waste film and spending money on shots that may not be that good. With the use of digital camera, you can focus on getting the best shots, no matter the number of times that you try. With this, you can choose from the many shots to actually get nothing short of the best.

4 Turn off the lights in the room: There are some lights that help in giving the reflection on the tank glass especially the ambient light that can go a long way to spoil a beautiful fish photograph. In this light, it is advisable to eliminate all the other sources of light especially the ambient light and concentrate on any reflections as you go on with your shooting. If there are actually some that cannot be eliminated, you should try putting your body on the way of the light and the glass to block the tank from the light.

5 Clean the glass and arrange the pumps: Usually, it is good to switch off the pumps before you can get an excellent way to clean up the dirt’s and some other particles that are found in the water column and in situations where you just planted a freshwater tank or new aquarium, this might prevent the plants from moving or swaying towards your picture, making it blur.

Intensive cleaning of the glass is among the first steps in getting a good aquarium photograph and is also capable of ruining the entire shots altogether. Note! Just because you can’t see it in the beginning, doesn’t mean it will not show up in the picture. So you need to effectively clean the glass well every time you want to take a shot.

6 A Bonus: The above tips will help you get beautiful photos, so have fun! It is very interesting and challenging to have a hobby of this magnitude and share to your friends or probably on the internet!

Updated: January 5, 2018 — 10:27 pm
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