Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Photography


1 Lesser cost: The most obvious and important advantages of a digital camera is that they are largely practical and very convenient to carry about. This might help reduce the cost drastically as there is no need for buying films and develop the pictures like the old fashion ways. Furthermore, all you need is just to charge the batteries, buy a reasonable size of a memory card and then you are good to roll.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Photography2 Better storage spaces: Photography involves the act of storing taking photos and actually storing it on your computer, CD or other storage device allowing it to be used over and over again. Before, there was a very large space reserved for the storing of films and worry that they can possibly go damaged, but with digital photography, all these are avoided.

3 Printing convenience: Another important advantage that digital photography has is that it can be printed conveniently at home, similar to how you can print any other kind of file in the house.

4 Trial and Error: Digital cameras make it possible for one to actually view the photos right at the spot after taken it and be able to delete or take another photograph if the previous ones are not actually good.

This according to most photographic experts have spoiled the act altogether due to the point that you can take the images over and over again. Thus, making amateurs to avoid learning some of the basic disciplines of planning for their filming exercise yet for most amateurs, it is actually a ‘gift from God’ to make their job much easier and also to be able to correct their errors.


1 Need for computer literacy: Like the film photography whereby you need to work in a dark room, digital photography too requires essentially computer skills and knowledge; you definitely need to be computer literate before you can go about with digital photography.

Digital photography does not only require you to store up the images in your computer, knowing how to operate the cameras is similar to operating a computer. Your knowledge of computer is very vital in order to fully maximize the functions of your camera.

2 Artistry is lost: There are actually a handful of people who believe that digital photography helps in the reducing the creativity of a person due to the simple fact that photographers usually do not shoot using special effects.

For example, some of them will not even border to blur or arrange the sharpness just because all these can be done with the aid of photoshop and other photographic design programs. With a computer on board, one can actually delete, adjust red eyes and in extreme cases even sharpen the image.

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